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BBC Bike Map for DE Canal State Park Towpath, Check it out!

20 Apr 2017

BBC, with funding from VisitBucks, is proud to introduce a new bike map for the Delaware Canal State Park towpath. The trail on the canal is one of the true wonders of Bucks County and we are happy to give both residents and visitors a guide to the best ways to ride and walk the canal. Check it out?

Also, per Rich Grafius of BBC who lead the map project, we have had excellent feedback from the distribution of the 5,000 plus printed copies and more maps of great places in Bucks are possible in the future. Send us your comments via this website or on our Facebook page. Where do you think the best places are to ride or walk in Bucks? Do we need a bike map there?

Download the map Bike-Bucks-County-DE-State-Canal-Bike-Map

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