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Additional Bicycle Safety Resources

Bike Safety and helmet laws

Ped and Bike Safety Solutions articles

Bicycle Related Injury Sites

Focus on Bicycle Safety – Resource Guide 2012

IMBA policies, safety, resources Bicycle advocacy, safety, and Enforcement

Pennsylvania Bicycle Drivers Manual

Bike Helmets – Pediatrics Report

Bicycle Safety Resources – Wisconsin Dept. of Safety – links to many resources

Safe Kids – Worldwide


Bicycle Safety | Parents Central | Keeping Kids Safe | NHTSA

Riding a bicycle to school can also be enjoyable for your child, but involves a little more skill than walking. Before your child begins riding to school, take time to …


SAFE KIDS NC | For Parents and Caregivers – Bike Safety

Make it a rule — every time you or your child ride a bike, you must wear a bicycle helmet that meets or exceeds the safety standards developed by the U.S. …


SCU Bicycling-Related Links – Suburban Cyclists Unlimited – Similarto SCU Bicycling-Related Links – Suburban Cyclists Unlimited

Bicycle Education Videos – Five new (2011) cycling safety videos produced by  biking trails located at Lake Nockamixon state park in Bucks county Pennsylvania .  By completing a series of classes and fixing up used bikes donated by the 


Adult Riding Skills – Ride with Groups Safely

When adults start to ride more and join a group they often lack the skills to be safe and fully enjoy the rides. Here are some articles  and websites I’ve come across about group riding skills.


Advanced Riding Skills – Videos


Teaching Kids to Ride – Book


Lake Nockamixon Mountain Bike Trails – Videos

The Circuit – The network of trails from Phila to Easton

BCGP has a presentation on the Circuit, our burgeoning regional trail network, and how you can use this powerful tool to ensure your favorite trail gets built and is well maintained. maps out the Circuit.

Bike, hike trails in Bucks County