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Another Resident responds to Northampton Supervisors on Newtown Rail Trail

22 Sep 2016

County Planning Commission Exec Dir Lynn Bush presents to Northampton Twp Supervisors

County Planning Commission Exec Dir Lynn Bush presents to Northampton Twp Supervisors

Northampton Twp Supervisors

Northampton Twp Supervisors

Read the Editorial published yesterday in the Bucks County Courier Times here


Reprinted below for your convenience.

Don’t give up hope

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I had such high hopes for the Newtown Rails to Trails presentation that the county did on Sept. 15 to Northampton supervisors. At a previous supervisors meeting, the board told us that they didn’t see the support they needed to move forward and asked for two things: First, do most residents favor this? A small group of residents took it upon themselves to do that work for the township. Besides online petitions, we have personally spoken to close to 1,000 residents in the past three months. In gathering these signatures of support, we have found that in this random sampling of Northampton residents, greater than 90 percent, closer to 95 percent, are in support of this initiative. This includes many who live adjacent to the rail line, including me.

Second, was the information from the Bucks County Planning Commission, which Executive Director Lynn Bush and Planner Paul Gordon presented. The county did an outstanding job explaining the facts and acknowledged that there are many questions that cannot be answered at this time. To answer those questions the county, with the help of grants, would fund an engineering study such as is currently being done for the Upper Southampton rail portion. These questions are about street crossings, privacy concerns, water mitigation methods, etc. All very valid questions that need to be answered before the Northampton supervisors can make a final decision.
There is only one way to get the answers: The supervisors need to vote Yes on a non-binding resolution of support. What does this mean? What are they committing to? This resolution only means that the township has interest in the conversion and wants to get more facts. It is not a vote to build.

So now I’m really confused as to why the supervisors have not moved forward with approving the non-binding resolution of support. At the close of the meeting the chairman of the board requested that his constituents continue sending him emails. I urge everyone who is in support of getting the facts and dispelling the rumors to sign the petition and send the supervisors an email with your thoughts on the subject. You can find a link to the online petition at and you can email the Northampton supervisors and township manager directly. They are Larry Weinstein, Barry Moore, Kim Rose, Eileen Silver, Frank O’Donnell, Robert Pellegrino.

Take the time to get informed and voice your opinion.

Andrew Masone

Northampton Resident


Sign the petition to build the Newtown Rail Trail at

Voice your Opinion by emailing the Northampton Twp Supervisors at:

Barry Moore:, Kimberly Rose:, Frank Donnell:, Elaine Silver:, Larry Weinstein:

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