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Route of the Month

This is a 30.95 mi Bike Ride in Newtown, PA, United States. The Bike Ride has a total ascent of 1372.53 ft and has a maximum elevation of 385.3 ft. The route can be found at this link

0.28miTurn left at Wrightstown Rd 
2.31miContinue onto Worthington Mill Rd 
3.16miTurn right at Mud Rd 
3.96miContinue onto Penns Park Rd 
4.84miTurn right at Cedar Ln 
5.91miTurn left at Mill Creek Rd 
7.3miSlight right to stay on Swamp Rd 
8.08miTurn left at Sackettsford Rd 
8.11miTurn left at Sackettsford Rd 
8.35miTurn right at Sackettsford Rd 
8.67miContinue onto Rushland-Jamison Rd 
10.51miTurn right at Watson Rd 
11.02miTurn right at Almshouse Rd 
11.12miTurn right at Dark Hollow Rd 
12.43miTurn right to stay on Dark Hollow Rd 
13.68miTurn right at Swamp Rd 
14.12miTurn left at Smith Rd 
15.23miTurn left at Forest Grove Rd 
15.92miTurn right at New Hope Rd 
16.37miTurn left at Creek Rd 
17.75miTurn right at Lower Mountain Rd 
20.61miTurn right at Street Rd 
21.68miTurn left at Pidcock Creek Rd 
23.14miTurn right at PA-232 S/Windy Bush Rd 
23.17miTurn left at Pidcock Creek Rd 
23.97miTurn right at Covered Bridge Rd 
24.43miContinue onto Van St Rd 
24.76miTurn right at Lurgan Rd 
25.68miTurn left at Street Rd 
25.75miTurn right at Buckmanville Rd 
27.18miTurn left at Pineville Rd 
29.06miTurn right at Woodhill Rd 
29.75miSharp right at Eagle Rd