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Sharing the Road

The Best Video Ever on Motorist-Bicyclist Peaceful Coexistence

Bicyclists & motorists need to share the road. Watch this video from #PennDOT for some tips:


Bicycling Street Smarts: Riding Confidently, Legally and Safely (Guide)


Enforcing bike safety and riding laws


Bicycle Safety Info from U of Penn


Bicycle Accidents


Bicycle Safety – We’re on This Road Together

Bicycle Safety – Maryland State Highway Administration

Bicycle safety is a two-way street – the safety of bicyclists not only depends upon …. for school aged children, copies of the Bicycling in Maryland booklet and the …


Bicycle Safety – How to not get hit by a car.


What Does It Mean To Share The Road? – Video


LAB Video – Bicycle Safety Tips For Adults



“People For Bikes” article about bicycle safety and sharing the road with motorists